In July 2022 we had a group of women come to us for a paddleboarding session.

They booked on as normal through the website with no extra requests. When they all turned up from different ends of the UK, they brought with them a mountain of very posh Marks & Spencers party food.

We were puzzled at the amount (but also hopeful). It turned out it was one of the ladies’ birthdays, and they were planning to paddleboard for an hour, then sit on the beach and drink fizz and eat sandwiches and cake. Sounds like the ideal birthday party to us!

We sent them out paddleboarding, but as can be the case in Wales – only very, very occasionally of course – it decided to rain…

Mikey and I looked at all the lovely food sitting on our sideboard and the party paraphernalia one very organised person had brought, and thought – shame. The clouds didn’t look to be shifting either!

So we took the food down to the ‘tractor shed’, set up the tables we use for lessons, and laid out the food. The ladies paddled back for a hot shower, and were delighted that we were able to loan them the shed for an hour or two. The rain did abate, but they were perfectly happy where they were with a backdrop of boats and paddles.

Please note we can’t promise we can do this for you and your group! It was a one-off, but we do of course try our best to make your visit as special as we can (and yes, we cadged some cake!).