Ceredigion Marine Code
Cardigan Bay SAC

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The Cardigan Bay Special Area of Conservation (SAC) the West Wales Marine SAC and the Ceredigion
Marine Heritage Coast are internationally important areas for bottlenose dolphins, harbour porpoise and grey
seals; the coastline is a nationally important area for nesting seabirds.
Produced using current UK best practice and evidence form the CCC monitoring programme; compliance with
the Marine Code not only helps to ensure the future of Cardigan Bay as a prime wildlife watching destination,
but also models best practice to other water users.
All commercial wildlife trips operating out of New Quay to follow set routes as used historically (incl. good/bad
Minor deviation from routes to avoid approaching animals directly is actively encouraged.
Please note the Ceredigion Coast and Harbour bylaws stipulate 5 knots within the harbour limits (extends to
Carreg Ina and to the fish factory) and 8 knots along the coast.
Marine mammals
 Keep at least 100 metres away from all marine mammals, including seals / seal pups resting on the
rocks or on the shore.
 Remain stationary or cruise by at 100m from any individual or group – if there is another vessel 100m
away, keep all boats on the same side of the animal.
 If you stop to watch, enjoy their company for a maximum time of 10 minutes.
 Proceed at ‘no wake’ speed, no more than 5 knots, and minimise manoeuvring when within 300m.
 Never approach directly, and do not deviate from agreed routes to see animals.
 If more than one boat is travelling in the same direction, go in single file rather than abreast.
 Do not stop with the same animal/group of animals more than once on the same trip.
 Do not enter the sea caves, these areas are a valuable seal haul out and pupping site.
 The headlands at Mwnt, Aberporth and Ynys Lochtyn; Craig yr Adar, Carreg Ina, Trwyn Crou and the
caves just north towards New Quay are all sensitive areas; proceed at ‘no wake’ speed and at no
more than 5 knots at all times in these areas, stopping distances in these sensitive areas are 200
metres from any animals encountered.
 The area off New Quay harbour wall is a ‘no stopping’ area for viewing wildlife.
 Keep at least 100m from the base of the cliffs when passing the seabird colonies.
 Travel at ‘no wake’ speed and at no more than 5 knots at all times when passing within 300m of the
seabird colonies.
 Pass seabird colonies quietly (no tannoy commentary please).
 No stopping within 200 metres of the base of the cliffs. Keep stopping times to a minimum (no more
than 10 minutes) and at least 200m from the cliffs by the seabird colonies during the breeding
season (1st April – 31st August).
 Keep clear of groups of birds resting or feeding on the sea (at least 100 metres away) slow down and
go around them.

For more information contact the SAC Officer: melanie.heath2@ceredigion.gov.uk
To report disturbance, ring Dyfed Powys police on 101
or report on the Disturbance page on the CBSAC

Reviewed April 2023