RYA Stage 3 Youth Sailing

The third step to becoming a confident young sailor.

The third step to becoming a confident young sailor. A two-day sailing course for kids 8+, taught by our highly-qualified instructors in the beautiful surroundings of New Quay bay.

We run these sessions to suit the sailors, so please get in touch to organise dates. Minimum of 2 required to run the course.

Build your confidence and develop the theoretical and practical skills needed to sail in different directions in moderate conditions.

More detail

Assumed knowledge, student will have completed RYA Stage 2 and sailed since completion.

At the end of Stage 3 the student:

  • Can rig, launch and recover in an onshore wind
  • Can reef a dinghy ashore according to weather conditions
  • Can store a dinghy ashore
  • Can tie a bowline, clove hitch and rolling hitch
  • Can explain the 5 Essentials – sail setting, balance, trim, course made good and centreboard
  • Can sail on all points on a triangular course
  • Can tack upwind
  • Can gybe from a training run
  • Can right a small capsized dinghy as helm or crew
  • Can come alongside a moored boat
  • Can prepare for a tow from a powered craft
  • Can pick up a mooring
  • Can understand race course and starting procedures
  • Can understand how to recover a man overboard
  • Can understand how a sail works – basic aerodynamics
  • Knows terminology for use afloat: windward, leeward, bear away, luff up
  • Can understand the importance of clear communication aboard
  • Can understand lee shore dangers and sailing in close proximity to other water users
  • Can understand advice to inland sailors for coastal sailing
  • Can understand the dangers of hypothermia and the importance of First Aid training
  • Knows the basic rules of the road – port, starboard, windward boat, overtaking boat
  • Meteorology: knows how to obtain a weather forecast
  • Can understand the Beaufort Wind Scale
  • Knows when to reef

The boats we use will depend on the conditions on the dates; you can see our dinghy fleet here.

We have wetsuits you can hire for £5. You’ll also need to bring lunch or buy it nearby. Bring a towel and swimsuit, and wetsuit boots/old trainers. We provide buoyancy aids.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How old do I need to be?

    Minimum age 8.

  • What is the upper age limit?

    If you aren’t sure about the upper age limit, it’s about 14, but depends on maturity and size! You can give us a call to suss it out.

  • Will you teach levels and stages in the same group?

    We cannot teach Levels and Stages in the same group, as they have different syllabi.

  • Do I need to be a good swimmer?

    You need a basic level of water confidence.

  • Can I use my own boat?

    Please note we use our own boats and cannot use yours (but can advise!)

  • What happens if there are no suitable dates for me?

    If there are no dates that suit you, please contact us.

  • How large is the group in each session?

    We can take a max of six students to one instructor.

  • Is there a minimum number of people for the course to run?

    Minimum two students for the course to run.

  • Are activities at a set time every day?

    We may have to adjust preferred timings to allow for the tide.

  • Do the parents have to stick around to watch the kids?

    Kids will be under our authority except for lunch hour, so parents can enjoy most of the day off!

  • Where to stay, park, eat etc?

    Please see our main FAQs page for information on Where to stay, park, eat etc.