Wingsurf Taster

Learn and have fun with the Experts

Wingsurfing is a new sport which we started to offer in 2022. It’s like windsurfing, but instead of a mast holding the sail, the sail inflates and you hold onto it (with a leash too!). It’s a unique sensation a bit like flying, and the feeling of the wind lifting your sail is thrilling.

We’ve had all sizes, ages and shapes trying wingsurfing, and everyone loves it. You don’t need to be super-fit, just able to get yourself back on the board when you fall in (and you will).

A great crossover from windsurfing and sailing, if you have some idea of how the wind works, you’ll be off in no time. If you’re used to surfing or paddleboarding, you’ll have the balance you need as well.

We use windsurfing boards and have a range of brand new F-One sails in sizes to suit everyone.

The session starts with a bit of theory, then you will head to the beach to practice using your sail on land. This gives you a feel for how it all works. Then you’ll get onto the water in a nice sheltered area and practice going back and forth across the wind on your knees, then getting to your feet. Most students manage this nicely by the end of the two hours – but you will definitely be tired!

If you can already wingsurf and just want some more instruction or help, let us know when you are booking and we can discuss your requirements.

Wingsurfing Taster

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the minimum age for this activity?

    The minimum age is 8 years old.

  • Do I need to be a good swimmer?

    You need a basic level of water confidence.

  • Will I get a certification at the end of the activity?

    This session does not carry certification.

  • Can I bring my own kit?

    Please note we use our own kit, but we can certainly advise on yours.

  • What happens if there are no suitable dates for me?

    If there are no dates that suit you, please contact us.

  • How large is the group in each session?

    We can take a maximum of four students to one instructor.

  • Are activities at a set time every day?

    We usually run the taster sessions around low water which gives us more space on the beach.

  • What else is there to do in New Quay?

    Please see our main FAQs page for information on Where to stay, park, eat etc.