RYA Stage 2 Youth Sailing

The world-recognised second step to becoming a confident young sailor.

The world-recognised second step to becoming a confident young sailor. A two-day sailing course for kids 8+, taught by our highly-qualified instructors in the beautiful surroundings of New Quay bay.

By the end of the course kids will have developed the skills needed to sail around a course tacking, gybing and controlling boat speed. Plus a bit more theory and a few more knots!

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By the end of this course the student should be able to:

  • Put a boat head to wind for rigging and then rig a sailing dinghy
  • Manoeuvre a trolley clear of other boats and overhead cables
  • Launch and recover a small dinghy on an offshore wind
  • Tie a reef knot and a round turn with two half hitches
  • Can control speed and stop by lying-to
  • Can get out of irons
  • Can go about (close reach to close reach)
  • Can crew a boat effectively
  • Can sail a shallow triangle across the wind under supervision (gybing optional)
  • Understands the principles of the 5 essentials
  • Return to a beach or pontoon (offshore wind)
  • Can be scooped in during capsize recovery or can right a dinghy
  • Understands the No Go Zone
  • Understands what is meant by windward, leeward and gybe
  • Understands several ways of finding the wind direction
  • Has knowledge of
    • Spars and rigging
    • Parts of the sail
    • Sail controls and foils
    • Offshore and onshore winds
    • Port / Starboard Rule

The boats we use will depend on the conditions on the dates; you can see our dinghy fleet here.

We have wetsuits you can hire for £5. You’ll also need to bring lunch or buy it nearby. Bring a towel and swimsuit, and wetsuit boots/old trainers. We provide buoyancy aids.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How old do I need to be?

    Minimum age 8.

  • What is the upper age limit?

    If you aren’t sure about the upper age limit, it’s about 14, but depends on maturity and size! You can give us a call to suss it out.

  • Do you teach levels and stages in the same group?

    We cannot teach Levels and Stages to the same group, as they have different syllabi

  • Do I need to be a good swimmer?

    You need a basic level of water confidence.

  • Can I use my own boat?

    Please note we use our own boats and cannot use yours (but can advise!)

  • How large is the group in each session?

    We can take a max of six students to one instructor.

  • Is there a minimum number of people for the course to run?

    Minimum two students for the course to run.

  • Are activities at a set time every day?

    We may have to adjust preferred timings to allow for the tide.

  • Do the parents have to stick around to watch the kids?

    Kids will be under our authority except for lunch hour, so parents can enjoy most of the day off!

  • Where to stay, park, eat etc?

    Please see our main FAQs page for information on Where to stay, park, eat etc.