In 2021 the Centre applied for and was awarded funding to update our IT systems, including our website, which had faithfully served us for ten years.

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This project is funded by the Third Sector Resilience Fund for Wales Phase 2 Scheme, managed and administered by WCVA on behalf of Welsh Government

In partnership with our web dev team User Fusion, we have spent a lot of time redesigning and rewriting everything on the site.

There is loads more information on the beautiful area we live and work in, and we hope the Activities pages are clearer and make it easier to choose your fun!

There will also be more regular emails, and we are setting up an (irregular) email newsletter – if you’d like to subscribe see the space at the bottom of the page.

We also have a new booking system, which if you have hired from us you will be familiar with already. We sincerely hope it will make booking faster and easier for all our customers. We also have a new in-person booking stand at the Centre.

FAQs are on the Contact Us page, and if you can see any mistakes or omissions in the new pages, please let us know.

All feedback is very welcome – we hope you like the new site.