Storm Surge Plan

In the winter of 2014 an exceptional combination of low pressure, big spring tide and strong onshore wind resulted in surge flooding of the centre’s dinghy storage compound.

The surging water into the compound caused damage to the shed and several sailing dinghies resulting in an insurance claim.

Prevention measures

Since 2014 the compound is cleared of dinghies at the end of the season, usually around 31st October until 2 weeks or so before the new season (normally Easter).

During the season daily advance monitoring of the weather forecast is normal to anticipate if sailing and other activities are suitable for customers.

If in this monitoring there is a prediction of a storm and a possibility of a storm surge then we move our dinghies out of the compound and store them outside the centre which is further above the HW line.  To date there have never been any storm surges close to the centre which is approximately 11m above sea level .


Spring tides greater than 5.0 metres would give the possible chance of a surge.

In 2022 there were 74 days where HW was 5.0 metres or more.

Of these 74 HW’s, the Centre was only trading for 35.

Of these 35 HW’s to date there have been no low pressure system and strong winds.

The wind direction for CBW is predominantly SW.

The centre opened in 2002; during that time we have had only one incident resulting in a claim.

Reviewed April 2023