Health & Safety 2023

The policy is to minimise risk to volunteers, employees, customers and others affected by its activities. Notwithstanding that everyone has a duty to take care of their own Health and Safety and that of others affected by their actions

CBW will provide, as far as is practicable:

Risk assessments for all its activities, including Covid 19.

Power boats and sports equipment regularly checked and defects recorded / resolved.

Weather / sea conditions are appropriate for skill or activity.

Safe methods for handling, use and storage of materials and substances.

Safe tools, office equipment including regular PAT testing.

VHF communication with CBW base or Coastguard.

Customer briefing on buoyancy / lifejacket, equipment, operating area.

Volunteers and employees trained for the activity they are delivering.

Maintain a list of volunteers / employees / customers on the water or receiving training.

Information, instructions, training and supervision to enable volunteers and employees to work safely.

Consultation with volunteers and employees to promote Health and Safety.

Reviews and revision of The Health and Safety policy as appropriate.

Accidents and incidents recorded.

Reviewed April 2023