This year we have a new crop of volunteers to assist activities – a few of them are pictured above.

Ethan (left) is one of our windsurf instructors, and Steffan next to him has been volunteering with us for a few years now. He’s a champion Topper sailor and will be our next DI (Dinghy Instructor).

Thomas Best joins us this year with a similar appetite for Oreos as he has for sailing (high).

Evie Campbell, at 16, is allowed to drive the quad bike and is qualified to be on the safety boat; she’s neice to Andy our SUP expert and has been around the beach all her life.

Jasper Waghorn has sailed with us for a number of years and is now back to eat the biscuits Thomas doesn’t, dunk wetsuits and generally run around after our sailors, also on his way to being a DI.

We have a full complement of volunteers and assistants this season, but those wanting to do work experience or volunteer here next year are welcome to get in touch. We are happy to sign off on DoE logbooks and add value to your CV or uni application, but most importantly, you’ll learn loads and have loads of fun.

Thanks to Catherine Waghorn for the photo!