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Ceredigion Marine Conservation Code of Conduct

Ceredigion Marine Conservation Code of Conduct

This code applies to all recreational vessels including motor boats, yachts, dinghies, personal watercraft, kayaks, canoes and paddleboards.

In general keep a look out and keep your distance.  Do not approach marine mammals, let them come to you.

Please operate all boats with care and attention for the safety of occupants and respect for all other sea users.  Do not discard litter or fishing tackle at sea.

Dolphins, Porpoises & Seals

If these marine mammals are encountered at sea please:

Slow down gradually to minimum speed. Do not make sudden changes in speed or course.

Do not steer towards them or approach within 100m.
Do not attempt to touch, feed or swim with them.
Take extra care to avoid disturbing animals with young.
Do not approach seals resting on the shore, and do not enter sea caves during the pupping season (1st August to 31st October)
Avoid any unnecessary noise near the animals.


Keep out from cliffs in the breeding season, 1 March – 31 July.

Avoid any unnecessary noise close to cliffs.
Keep clear of groups of birds resting or feeding on the sea.


April 2020