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Daily Operating Procedures

Work will be allocated by the Centre manager or deputy based on customer bookings or anticipated business.
Expect to be briefed by your SI at the start of day / course.
Check the desk diary for booking details.
Course participants’ details are held in the Course folder.
Staff details are held in the Staff folder.
Check the tides, look at the local tide table in the centre. 
The day’s forecast can be checked on the centre’s computer.
VHF radios need to be fastened to you.

If your job is on the water, expect to go in the water, you need to dress accordingly.
Accidents need to be recorded in the Accident book in the centre.
Near misses need to be recorded in the Incident book (next to the Accident book).
The Centre insurance requires a manned safety boat on the water when customers are on the water.

Expect to be debriefed by your SI at the end of the day / course.

Identify any broken equipment using the red / white tape in the compound shed.
Report damage to the Centre manager.

At the end of the day everyone wants to go, so “muck” in to put away kit and clean the centre.