Instructor Pre-Course Briefing

This is for all instructors briefing their clients at the start of a new course / activity.

Introduction: instructor name, course name, duration and breaks.

Site briefing: location of changing, toilets, first aid, muster point and fire alarms.

Operating area: parameters, hazards and wildlife.

Course outcomes: content, scope and skill level.

PPE: buoyancy aid / lifejacket, wetsuit, waterproofs.

On the water: signals.

Emergency action plan: what to do in the event of an emergency.

Instructor personal kit: Whistle, knife, VHF radio.

Instructor additional kit * Throwline, carabiner, towline, survival bag, first aid pack, spare SUP leash.

Incapacitated Instructor* VHF radio, First Aid, Chart & Card.

*For SUP / Kayak instructors working solo or away from the centre’s operating area for hires.