Dinghy Policy


Customers on sailing courses or taster sessions will be supervised by an RYA qualified dinghy instructor.  The instructor may have students taking part in different sailing activities if the conditions and student skills are suitable.  The instructor should check the equipment in use at the start and end of the session reporting any defects. The instructor should adhere to RYA best practice policies.

Dinghy hire

Customers wishing to hire a sailing dinghy should be competent to re-right the boat without outside assistance in the prevailing conditions at the time to hire.

The decision to allow the sailing session or shorten the session is at the discretion of the Person in charge on the day of the hire. The session may be cancelled or shortened if weather conditions or sea state are not suitable or the person hiring has needed outside assistance more than once during that session.

The decision to sail or not will be at the discretion of the Person in charge.