COVID 19 Policy – April 2023

Customers or staff who are displaying symptoms or  have tested positive will not be permitted to take part in any activity and will be asked to return home.

Customers will be asked on booking if they are displaying symptoms and told that if they develop symptoms they should stay at home.

Customers and staff at high risk will be recommended to stay away.

Staff / Customer / Member of the public in need of First Aid – See First Aid Policy

General working policy

Shift work in cohorts (1 x admin, 1 x runner, 1 x safety boat).

Instructors work to current guidelines (Covid 19).

All to arrive at work dressed ready.

Frequent washing of hands and/or use of hand sanitiser.

Staff and customer briefing/s to be held outside where possible.

Doors to be kept open for ventilation where possible.


Wipe down surfaces and desk equipment at start of shift.

Customer online booking for all activities.

Maximum of 12 hire customers in any one-hour time slot.

Booking additions or alterations to be made by phone (card payment / refund)

Buoyancy aids and wet suits etc. to be cleaned between users.

Runner (and assistant)

Move required SUPs & kayaks close to the water at the start of a shift.

Safety boat

Refer to Safety Boat Policy

Be proactive.

Keep Base informed of any problems

Instructor (and assistant)

Comply with NGB guidelines for distancing, hygiene etc.