Youth Sailing

Starting out on one of life's journeys.

Learning to sail gives children a real sense of achievement and independence.

We use "Oppies", proper name Optimists, with our smallest students.  These are proper sailing dinghies designed for children. 

As they gain confidence they can progress to sailing other dinghies from our fleet.

For bigger youngsters we use Toppers or Picos. 

Minimum age is 8.


Sailing - taster session (2 hours) junior

Not sure whether sailing is for your youngster?

Our taster session will start with a shore based introduction on boat basics.  How to launch and recover the boat.

Then on to the water, maybe without the sails to start with so the student can understand how the boat floats and balances.  How to use a paddle or oar. How to steer.

It could be a single handed boat like the Oppie shown below or in a double handed boat with one of our instructors.

You don't need to be a great swimmer just confident in the water.  

Bring your own wet suit or use on of ours, a pair of wetboots or old trainers, swimwear and a towel, then your are all set to give it a go.

Get in touch and we can book your session.

Minimum age is 8.

Duration: 2 hours Price: £ 55 View Dates
Youth Sailing - RYA Stage 1 (2 Days)

By the end of the course the student should be well on their way to ....

Assist rigging a sailing dinghy

Launch and get under way with instruction

Secure a boat to trolley and assist with packing away 

Tie a figure of eight and cleat a halyard

(Can be a responsive crew under instruction - N/A under Covid 19)
Steer when sailing and being towed
Can steer on a reach and go about
Understands the effect of basic boat controls
Understands the basic principles of stopping, controlling speed and getting out of irons
Can paddle or row
Can call for assistance 

Can put on personal buoyancy correctly and knows what to wear
Is confident in the water wearing personal buoyancy
Capsize recovery understands the importance of staying with the boat

Can name basic parts of a boat

Minimum age is 8.

Duration: 2 Days Price: £ 185 View Dates
Youth Sailing - RYA Stage 2 (2 Days)

Assumed knowledge - Stage 1 already completed.  By the end of this course the student should be able to ..........

Put a boat head to wind for rigging and then rig a sailing dinghy

Manoeuvre a trolley clear of other boats and overhead cables
Launch and recover a small dinghy on an offshore wind
Tie a reef knot and a round turn with two half hitches

Follow this link to You tube to see Dora on her stage 2
Can control speed and stop by lying-to
Can get out of irons
Can go about (close reach to close reach)
Can crew a boat effectively
Can sail a shallow triangle across the wind under supervision (gybing optional)   
Understands the principles of "The 5 essentials"
Return to a beach or pontoon (offshore wind)
(Can be scooped in during capsize recovery - N/A ref Covid 19 )or can right a dinghy

Understands the No Go Zone
Understands what is meant by windward, leeward and gybe
Understands several ways of finding the wind direction   
Has knowledge of
  Spars and rigging
  Parts of the sail
  Sail controls and foils
  Offshore and onshore winds
  Telling someone ashore
  Port / Starboard Rule

Minimum age is 8.

Duration: 2 Days Price: £ 185 View Dates
Youth Sailing - RYA Stage 3 (2 Days)

Equivalent to Level 2 in the National Sailing Scheme (adults).

Assumed knowledge, student will have completed RYA Stage 2 and sailed since completion.

At the end of Stage 3 the student should be able to ..........

Can rig, launch and recover in an onshore wind
Can reef a dinghy ashore according to weather conditions
Recovery Can store a dinghy ashore
Can tie a bowline, clove hitch and rolling hitch
Can demonstrate the basic principles of the following:

5 Essentials - sailing setting, balance, trim, course made good and centre board
Sailing on all points on a triangular course
Tacking upwind
Gybing from a training run
Righting a small capsized dinghy as helm (or crew N/A ref Covid 19)
Come alongside a moored boat
Prepare for a tow from power craft
Picking up a mooring

Understands Race course and starting procedures
Understands how to recover a man overboard
Understands how a sail works - basic aerodynamics
Knows terminology for use afloat; windward, leeward, bear away, luff up.
Understands the importance of clear communication aboard
Understands lee shore dangers and sailing in close proximity of other water users.
Understands advice to inland sailors for coastal sailing
Understands the dangers of hypothermia and the importance of First Aid training.
Rules of the Road Knows the basic rules of the road - Port/Starboard, windward boat, overtaking boat.
Meteorology, Knows how to obtain a weather forecast
  Understands Beaufort Wind Scale
  Knows when to reef

Duration: 2 Days Price: £ 185 View Dates
Youth Sailing - RYA Stage 4 (2 Days)

Assumed knowledge - up to and including RYA stage 3.

Successful students can now progress to the "adult" courses, seamanship, spinnakers etc. and should achieve the following ......

Can rig, launch and recover in any wind direction
Can set up a boat according to weather conditions using sail and rig controls, mast rake and reefing.
Can tie, figure of eight, round turn and two half hitches, reef knot, bowline, clove hitch, rolling hitch, sheet bend.
 Communicate effectively as helm and crew
 Effective use of the 5 essentials by helm and crew afloat including use of tell tales.
 Recovering a man overboard
 Returning to a beach, jetty or mooring safely in any wind direction.

Has knowledge of
  Beaufort Scale
  Synoptic charts
  Tidal ebb and flow
  Spring and neap tides
  Knows how to recover from total inversion
  Can apply practical sailing techniques and manoeuvres on tidal waters.
Can apply the IRPCS afloat
Has basic knowledge of IALA buoyage, how to use tide tables and how to find the direction of tidal streams.

Duration: 2 Days Price: £ 185 View Dates
Saturday Sailing

Online booking only

Regular Saturday morning sailing 10am - 12pm from Easter 2021 (Covid 19 restrictions permitting, so no changing rooms available, use your own wetsuit if possible)  We can provide buoyancy aids.

Not really for complete beginners as we expect you have some experience sailing. Regular sessions to develop your sailing or working towards your next goal.  

Juniors can work through their RYA stages 1-4.

Adults can practice their skills or work towards their RYA level 1-2. . 

This is hands on so once you have been a few times you will know where the kit is and can get on with only the minimum of supervision. You will be expected to get involved from the start by rigging and preparing the boats.  We don't launch until everyone is ready so don't wait to be asked to help newbies.  Beware at the end of the session washing down the boats with the hose might get you too !

We maintain a personal record of what you have done with us so we can help you towards your next level.  We try to split everybody into the group appropriate to their skill to get the maximum benefit from the time on or off the water. 

Arrive by 09:45 at least ready for a 10am start. 

Minimum age is 8.

Duration: 2 hours Price: £ 21 under 16's £15.00 View Dates