Our easy to use sit on kayaks are available to hire,  a Single for £15 an hour or a Double for £25 per hour.

New in 2014 we bought some "Mojito" sit on tops which are ideal for smaller paddlers or "grown ups" who want to play in the surf. They have been so popular with the youngsters we are having some more delivered in 2017.  

See the video made by Rachel and friends from Quay West Caravan Park. (You need to be at least 8 to go kayaking)


The boats hired mostly are these "Paseo" sit on tops which are great for adults and very easy to get to grips with. A fleet of new ones being delivered for the start of our 2017 season.

How old is too old?  Our oldest student in 2016 was 75. 

Following on from a taster session she has been a regular paddler all summer going out in all weathers and even getting into a bit of kayak surfing!


Kayak taster

This 30 minute training session is to give you a few hints and tips on basic paddling so you can get yourself more confidently around the bay or join one of our kayak tours down the coast.

We have no upper age limit, you do need to be at least 8, and you don't need to be really agile or super fit. 

It's your session so it's at your speed.

We have some dates in the diary but if you can't make it we can plan around your timetable and our instructors' availability.

Book online or contact us to book your taster session 01545 561257.

Duration: 30 minutes Price: £ 21.00 View Dates
Kayak tour

Enjoy the close proximity of the water on one of our regular 2 hour tours along the coast.  Paddle your own trip in your boat at your own speed, no noisy engine or diesel fumes.  A maximum of 6 and a minimum of 2 people at any time makes this is one of New Quay's most exclusive trips down the coast. 

We won't cancel if the forecast is for rain but we will if the forecast for the sea state is too rough and this is dependent on the wind strength / direction.  If you have booked and we cancel we will either reimburse in full or agree another date or activity.

For your safety we provide a discreet escort using one of our safety boats so if anyone gets too tired we can give a lift back. 

You will certainly view some of the stunning rock formations and if you are lucky you may get to see some of the local marine wildlife.

Shown below are the sit on kayaks we can use for the tours.  These are longer than our standard hire kayak so more efficient through the water. More travel for less effort!  However they are less stable than our standard hire boat so you may prefer to use one of those instead.

You need to be at least 12 years old and reasonably fit for this trip.  Not sure you are up to it ?  Why not book one of our Kayak taster sessions first ?

Duration: 2 hours Price: £ 42 View Dates
Paddlepower start

Paddlepower Start (2 hour)
This entry level award is for 8-14 year olds.

The Paddlepower scheme that has been designed to meet the needs of young people, which aims to:  

Encourage more young people to come into and stay in the sport
Provide progression and reward achievement in a range of topics
Show both competitive and adventurous aspects of the sport
Provide a flexible structure for delivery according to venue/situation
The scheme comprises 5 Awards to support a young paddler’s introduction and progress in Paddlesport.

Duration: 2 hour Price: £ 45.00 View Dates